Friday, March 23, 2007

Okay, Here Goes...

As if it wasn't bad enough, there are two of us who cant keep up with blogging, when we get a verbal thrashing from Xander on our Myspace, we both end up trying to do it at the same time. Of course with my compueter luck, there's always a reason why it never works out the way i want it to, hence the "dread" of blogging.

Its not that i dont look forward to writing one, trust me I like these things, but it's work to write one because you cant just paste any old html up in there, you have to do it the Blogger way - uploading and waiting and all that. So here we are trying again to re-upload what I spent yesterday doing.

So I won't be re-posting up the witty write-up I did for our homegirl Kristina Wong's show tonight and tomorrow in Philly since Michelle already did, but I will post up the flyer image for her Cuckoo Tour.

Kristina's funny as all hell, she has this website,, and I dont know if it's still and up and going, but when I met her back in 2000 she had these fake mail-order bride profiles which were mostly very very angry women or men dressed in drag. But please check out Kristina's show, you will not be disappointed, she's a an amazingly talented and funny writer/actor/filmmaker/one-woman-show-doer. The last time we saw her, she walked around stage in a spandex leotard from the 80's. This show should be just as promising.

Also, next Friday we will be performing with these guys,

the Two Warriors, Mark and Harry.

Here's info on the event:
Spoken Diversity: The Art of Spoken Word Poetry
Univerisity of Sciences
AstraZeneca Auditorium,
in the McNeil Science and Technology Center
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495

Show is 8pm-11pm
$5 for the non-students

There will also be a Writers' Workshop, from 6-8pm and an Open Mike at 8pm prior to the featured sets.

This will be an interesting event demonstrating the variety of spoken word in themes and performance styles, as Two Warriors will also be sharing a full show's worth of content. The show will be hosted by the Pilipino Cultural Association (yes Pilipino, no "h"), and is part of the multicultural week at the university.

To check out the Two Warriors on Myspace, it's

Now that updates are over, we're gettting to the fun part. Okay, okay, so we know we've been lackin on the blogs... we're sorry. Especially to Xander... Sorry Xander, we're soooooooo sorry. To show how sorry we are, here's a video of Charlie the Unicorn... shun the non-believers!

I hope this works this time, I've been on probation for posting up youtube on the blog incoreectly and messing up the alignment so it better be worth the risk. This video's been out for a while, but apparently I dont hang out on the internet enough. It was acutally given to my friend Has, whose 30th birthday just passed and has a fascination with unicorns.

She doesn't look 30 does she? Guess what else? She's also a mommy.

Yep. This her son Jibril. Some people just have really good skin, I tell ya.

So some people, along with Xander, have been asking when we're going back to Cali, or just swinging their way. The thing is we would love to go (back) to Cali, whether it's San Diego, San Jose or San Francisco, and all the other places we've never been before. The thing with traveling so far, is the amount of time we have to take off. We both still have day jobs, and flying back and forth between two coasts would be brutal. Now if we could do a West Coast Tour and hit up all the fine cities along the Pacifc, that'd be great. But with things like that comes planning and coordination with other parties. If other parties are reading this, and are interested contact Michelle at, and we'll see what we can do.

Speaking of Cali, I was actually recently there. I had a business trip in Vegas, and decided to take a detour to LA and visit some friends. I met with my friend Anwar and my friend Randy, whom Michelle and I first met as a film student at Frankilin and Marshall College, was also out there screening his film at the Pan African film festival. Here are some snippets from my personal blog.

This is Vaughn, my last minute picker-upper-from-the-aiporter and a mighty fine writer I might add too. If you ever get a chance, check out Prequel Magazine and in your sparedomness.

This is where Vaughn got lost. This area here is called Marina Del Ray. It's pretty nice looking isn"t it? I wonder if it costs more to live in a house by the sea that overlooks a dirty canal?

We went to this spot called "Taste of Philly" because I freaking looooooooove cheesesteaks, and kept hearing about it and wanted to know if they really had "real philly cheeseteaks". Apparently they sold tastycakes and all kinds of Philly goodness so I couldn"t pass it up.

If this menu looks kinda suspect, u are a true Philly head. Why did Marty put "da wiz" it"s just called "wiz", you order your cheeseteak "wit wiz" not "da wiz". Some slang should?never leave philly, I tell ya.

Common misconception about Philly, we dont not substitute "ph" for "f" for everything. Phuck that, I mean, fuck that. And what the hell is a "real philly phrank"? we don"t even have hot dog manufacturing here, do we?

Here's the cheeseteak. From a glance its looks kinda gross. From a taste it was equally disappointing. Sorry, Marty, but The onions were chopped too thin, and although I think the bread mayhave been Amoroso"s, it kinda tasted chewy and almost doughy, like they knew they were gonna send the rolls across the country and who would notice? I did, that's who.

So I stayed with my friend Melissa, and although she lives kinda near Hollywood, I found a snail on her doorstep. I had never seen a snail with its shell before so I had to look. Cute, isnt it?

Here we are outside the Magic Johnson Theatres after the screening of Randy"s film "Harlem"s Blues" which won Honorable Mention. Randy is the one in the director"s baseball cap, of course. And those guys are all his friends who also came to support. We're all so proud of you, Randy Wilkins. But don't you forget about me though, I drove you around in LA before you could afford a limo driver, you hear me?

This is me and my friend Areia, she's also from Philly, but moved out to LA. In Cali, you always need your sunglasses. Mine are Bruce Lees, as in Fist of Fury Bruce Lee. You like?

Before we set out for our road trip to Vegas we stopped by Santee Alley in search of some good bootlegs. I only cared about some bootleg Louis Vuitton, but no one seemed to have any. When I asked this one African lady, she gave me the evil hiss and whispered "That's dangerous". Interesting... I didn"t know there was a hierarchy to bootlegs.

They did happen to have gold jewelry though, and if you ain"t got it all, they got a special plan for you. I completely forgot about layaway until I saw this sign. Anwar was so impressed by the chain I think he almost considered a down payment.

I forgot to turn the indoor camera setting off, so some of these pictures are very cyan hued. Here is a mountain we crossed that we thought looked like big breasts, you cant see it from this view but it definitely did. Since I was driving, I asked Randy to take it, and when I didnt heea anything coming form the back, I turned around and this is what I saw...

asleep in style.

Can you see the rainbow, see the rainbow, see the rainbow?

Since we had gotten so far behind on our schedule, I decided I could gun it and get us there in no time. Nottttttttttttttttt!!! Yep you guess it, they caught my ass going 109. Now you know if that"s what they caught me at, then I was definitely going faster before I saw them.

When my friend Steve from Hawaii was here, we tried this trick where we pretended to be such tourists and distracted the copper with a "hes-from-hawaii-and-never-seen-a-casino-before-so-can-we-take-a-photo-with-you-officer" moment and the trooper let me slide. Not this one. He agreed to take the picture but it didn"t get me out of the ticket. Even Randy got one for riding without a seat belt. Who gives a "No Seatbelt" ticket to a sleeping passenger?

We made our way into the good ol town of vegas, stopped by the nearest bar to use the bathroom. I had also been holding it for the last hour so I had to go to the ladies room, errr, the Gold Digger"s room, complete with an old man waiting outside the door.

When we finally made it to the hotel room, Anwar and Randy feel fast asleep. You would think the driver who was speeding her way tryna get there on time and holding her pee would be the first to get on the bed, but nooooooooo...

So, um, because I was going so fast (I'm not gonna lie, I was killin it on the gas pedal) they did not set a fine for me, and instead sent me a notice in the mail, to make a "Mandatory Appearance" in the Superior Court of the San Bernadino County. My friend Vaughn who also got caught speeding was given two options: go to driving school or pay a months rent in fines. Bastards... I like Cali and all, but I'm not going to driving school, so I guess I'll be eating cereal and ramen for a month. Let me know if you see a drastic change in my physical appearance, will ya?

Somewhere in here, I should be posting up some pictures from Messiah College but I'm at work so I dont have the pictures with me. Next one, next one, promise.

See you in a few weeks...

- Catz