Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Michelle on Angry Asian Man and YouTube

John McCain done did it now--APIAs are on a renewed rampage about how little attention his "gook" statement has gotten in current media coverage--particularly in light of how easily "terrorist" has been rolling off of his and Palin's tongues in recent weeks.

Behold: there is a new website called McCainHatesGooks.Com devoted to spreading the word. Angry Asian Man posted on his blog about it. And a recent article by Raymond Leon Roker--who is not even an Asian American--was recently published in The Huffington Post wonders "How Come McCain's 'Gook' Slur Isn't Bigger News?" Oh, and check out this logo being put out by McCainHatesGooks.Com:

All that being said, after a couple of failed attempts to get my "Revisiting 'Dear Senator McCain'" essay posted on other blog sites (apparently my criticism was too controversial in going straight at the War-Hero narrative), I was ecstatic to receive an email from Angry Asian Man asking me if he could post it on his blog! Woo Hoo! Us angry Asian Americans always somehow manage to find each other . . .

Click here for a direct link to the reprint of my post with an intro by Angry Asian Man.

There's also a new video up of me on YouTube. I'm one of the featured artists who was interviewed in Jessica Chen Drammeh's Anomaly: A Documentary Film about Mixed Race Identity.


Also, in other news, I'm in a short film called "Model Minority Man" produced by Asians Misbehavin' which is currently being screened in Philadelphia. Check out the info on the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association website.

More announcements to come . . .