Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I met Russell Peters!

While I was out in Vegas, I ran into Russell Peters! It was so random, he wasn't in town for a show or anything just hanging out at the casino.

I'm normally not so fan-stalkerish about celebrities, let alone comedians. But I loooooove Russell Peters. After being told about his skits by the students at Memphis College last year, I looked him up on Youtube and discovered his Comedy Now skits. What attracted me to Russell's brand of comedy, beside being a South Asian, was that he talked about race and culture without it embarrassing other people. Usually this is hard to achieve because well, many comedians believe that in order to get a laugh, somebody's got to be the butt of the joke. Especially in many shows where there's the pick-on-someone-from the crowd routine, and the person getting picked on is the only white person, Asian person etc. Personally I think it's a cheap shot when comedians take advantage of degrading someone just becuase they're all by themselves. But Russell keeps it moving. Sure he makes jokes about everybody from Italians, Jamaicans, Chinese even his own Indian background but he doesn't make anybody feel stupid about who they are and wanna leave the auditorium. He even takes jabs at the same people who mock Indian accents, and makes fun of those who can't tell that an Indian person is still an Asian person. But my favorite jokes are the ones with the Chinese seller and his dad. Take a looksy, the quality's not that great but it's still audible enough to get the jokes.

- Catzie