Monday, November 23, 2009

Minneapolis/St. Paul/St Cloud Trip

These pictures are a tad late, but you can blame that on Blogger, which takes a millions years to to load images. I literally fell asleep when half of these were uploaded. That being said, my comments will be very short. On with the story...

I got mad legroom, 'cause I got mad leggings!

After landing I meet up with my dear old talneted friend Bryan Thao Worra, who gives me the grand tour of the Twin cities.

First stop, Mall of America...

Holy shit they really do have a roller coaster in this mall! Too bad it was 10AM, rides started at Noonish, so I couldn't start my morning out with a ride through the mall.

They even have a water slide, whaaaaaaat!

Bryan's first picture, of course its dark, and he is looking at the all the cool toys he wants for Christmas, haha...

And they have a Lego Land, I could be here all day!

A closer look at the roller coasters and we catch one going out for a test run.

They've also installed a whole Nickelodeon World... you shoulda seen the huge Spongebob Statue they had.

Bryan finally shows his face and points to how he wants his Christmas trees to look.

He also brought along his (bigger and better) camera and took some flicks as well.

In the corner of my eye, I spot a Dippin Dots stand!

And have myself some flash-frozen nitrogenated ice cream. Yum, breakfast of champions.

After a slight brain freeze, we make our way to the largest collection of Designer Barbie Dolls...

I think the one on the right is Dior...

this one is obviously Versace...

See, barbie isn't always perfect, she can't even stand on her own two feet.

I think this one was Malibu Barbie...

And this one was Foxy Brown Barbie... Don't ask. Made our way to the mall's aquarium.

After the Mall, we head out to some fancy greenhouses

Afterwards we headed towards the Guthrie Theatre. This building is crazy, in and out...

Behind the building, I find out where we get all our flour. Who knew?

Overlooking the Mississippi, which runs behind the building.

Remember the bridge that fell down a few years ago? That's it, looking new and white.

Over to the Red Stag for some brunch. Couldn't miss this joint if you tried, ha.

When we sat down, I couldn't figure out what this orbity thing on our table was...
turned out to be sugar!

Red Stag was happenin, they had DJs playing during brunch hour.

We noticed everyone was drinking Bloody Marys, even the old people!

Then the waiter showed up with a second glass of beer, and I thought maybe he was flirting with me or making a mistake or something, but then Bryan explained that it's Minnesotan to chase your Bloody Mary with beer. I love this place already.

Food's here! I got a Green Eggs and ham special, and I think Bryan got a traditonal sausage and eggs combo. Deliciousness.

Back at his crib, Bryan shows me his vast collection of useless keychains.

One of them come in handy as I need his nailclippers to fix my necklace.

Considering that Bryan is also a fellow writer and NEA Fellows Recipient, he brings out all the books I should be reading, and trust me they keep going and going and going...

Of course underneath the mountain of books, is an awesome elephant table.

Then our homie Mooks shows up, and either I can't quite figure out my camera timer or my angles are all off.

Itching to get back out we go back to Red Stag for some beer and bar snacks. I discover another Minnesota treat, beer made with apples! Sooo goood!

As if the fried appetizers weren't taking their toll on our cholesterol, Bryan insists we take a trip to Mickey's Diner in St. Paul for a pancake. Yes, ONE PANCAKE. He claims they are the best!
Surprisingly, the cook complys to one pancake.

And it's really good, too!

Another must see, Bryan and Mooks insist I go to, is Sex World. Don't ask.

The next day, we take a ride to get some pho, but not before me notcing that Bryan rides around with a can of Campbell's which he claims is in case of an emergency. Mmmmmhmmm.
And a funky building mural. We meet up with some of Bryan's coworkers from the Lao Assistance Center and talk politics about the Lao American community.

Afterwards, we head out to meet Michelle at St. Cloud, Lo and behold, what do we have here, posters!

And a booklet too!

Afterwards we ate some Thai food. I'm too hungry to take any other pictures so this is all you get.

Later we meet up with Mook's old friend (I'm sorry I forgot your name!) who was in desparate need of a barber who could give her the Japanesy edges, pointing out Mook's blunt edges.

And as a show of thanks, Mooks makes her writes some Japanese in a letter back to her sponsor family. I knew there was a reason for this late night meeting.

On the way back to Minneapolis, we stop at a gas station and Bryan does a dance.

and I find out 0ne thing that Minnesotans do that I don't think I could get around to learning: shooting deer. Just check out their magazines!

My camera died in the middle of my trip when I stumbled into this craft shop which had this amazing boot fanny pack and I didnt get to document it, so here it is!
Thanks Bryan, Mooks, Boo, Pounnaphone, The Lao Assistance Center and St. Cloud University.

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