Thursday, November 02, 2006

November's here! Reunions begin!

Hope everyone’s Halloween was fun, and that you are adjusting to Daylight’s Savings Time. I've adjusted just perfectly. With an extra hour to sleep, I still can't make it to work on time. Oh well, here are some pictures from Halloween's festivities.

First up, Mary and Biggie. They look suspiciously high don't they?

We ran into Flav and his newest girl. Her clock said "Hoops" but I don't remember Hoops looking like that.

Biggie and Pac, in their finer moments. Can you believe she researched and drew all those tattoos?

Next we went to a Studio 54 Themed party, but for some reason in this close-up I looked like one of those crazy-looking Japanese girls who almost got kidnapped by Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, Tupac Jr. decided to switch her headrags up and become a fortune teller.

Here was the full extent of my outfit. I didnt really plan on who or what I was gonna be, but I kinda looked like Sharon Stone from Casino. Many Italian Jewish racial jokes ensued that night. I know they did.

Only on the dancefloor does the 80's meet the 70's. Groovy. Far out. Wait, was that the 60's? Well it’s Thursday and the weekends are almost here. I'm headed out to the Big Apple and getting ready to see some extended fam.

This here is the Organics Thoughts Crew, they're from Jersey. The emcee in their group just happens to be a female and her name is Elisa, or El Gambina as they call her. She’s making a funny face for the camera here but on the mic, she’s a fucking beast. When I first saw OTS perform at Columbia University back in 2001, they did a song called Verbal Approach and she came onstage, and I couldn't believe what I heard:

"Yo I’m a female emcee/ holding a license to burn/ I got my microphone in check so now it’s your turn/don't underestimate me/ just sit back and learn/ give me full attention and the respect that I deserve..."

I had found my new hero. I videotaped their show and watched it over and over again just to learn her words. Months later I proved how much of a groupie I was and invited OTS to Philly to share the stage with us, DJ Kuttin' Kandi and Rholi Ro. Turned out to be a really fun show. Now that I think about it, I'm a little intimidated knowing that Michelle, Cool Calm Pete and El are all Korean and dope with the lyrics. Hmmm, I guess Koreans do do it better. Anyway I'm going to see Elisa perform for this benefit event, here she explains in her own words what she's doing:

"BE THE CHANGE sponsors ELEVEN Ugandan kids. They throw parties to raise money for their school’s tuition, housing and food. They are sending a team of 13 people (seven New Yorkers) to Uganda this December to register the kids for their 2007 school year! They still need A LOT of support, so I thought it would be a great way for me and my friends to get involved and help them out!"

You can check her out this Friday at Party for Uganda, 161 W.22nd between 6th and 7th avenues. Cost is $20 and its open bar all night. And peep this, she even got press in New York's Timeout. Go head, girl.

Next in this line of reunions are Norm, REX, and KP aka the Pacifics.

These guys are originally from Chicago, they don't get go out to to the east coast much, but's it's mad fun when they come through. The last time I saw them was at the Trocadero in Philly in 2004. They just released "The Case", a collabo project with another talented brother, superproducer Illmind (he's a Jersey head too)and have been getting a lot of press lately. The Pacifics deserve every bit of it, they've been doing their thing for a minute now. The first time I ever saw them was with I Was Born With Two Tongues, at that same 2001 Columbia U show where I saw OTS. Damn that must've been THE show to be at, huh? The PACIFICS and Illmind will be performing together this Saturday in NYC with other acts from their label, All Natural, Inc. to showcase at the Scion Strictly Business event during this year's CMJ. They'll be part of an all-day event from 2-4pm in the afternoon. Click on the link below to RSVP, because I think that's the only way to get in.

Before we join Giles, Taiyo, Regie and the rest of the Sulu Fam in Brooklyn, we’re going to finish the night off with a party with the rest of the OTS crew. If you’re in the city come through, there's no dress code and it’s free free free!!!