Monday, November 13, 2006

Pics of messages to the Ileto family

I know, I know--here I go again with my late-ass posts. But I got 4 jobs and 3 kids, and some days I don't have time to eat let alone update the blog. But a good thing is never too late, and even if it took 6 months, I would still make sure I posted these final pics from the Joseph Ileto Commemoration event. Please click on the photos to enlarge so you can read the messages. You can also use the magnifying glass feature which is enabled when you enlarge the photo (just in case you didn't already know this feature existed--like my technologically challenged ass).

Much love to Deena and Ish and the rest of the Ileto family, Yun and her daughter, Kristina, Allison, John Eric, Shari, and everyone else who came to see us in LA. We hope to see you all again soon.

And for those of you reading this blog: please honor Joseph Ileto by striving to end racial hatred and living a life of peace and love. Blessings.